A TEDxSeptemvriskaSesijaSalon success story – The drive behind the newly opened Meraki CoWorking space

Its May the 4th, 2016. Fifteen minutes are between us and the start of the TEDxSeptemvriskaSesijaSalon event “Living a happy life: The challenge of today?”. As any organizer has experienced, this is the “world crisis moment”, where the rush indicates how well you`ll perform and how good of a first impression you will make. Early, untypical for Macedonians in comes this small in posture but very vibrant-and-exuberant man with his oddly suited companion closely following behind.  Soon after he will take over the event. Not by force but with his eloquent and flowing way of speaking, a manifestation of his inner beautiful self.
He speaks of meditation, of living life to its fullest and about smiling and having close friends as the premise for a happy life. He is now the spotlight of the event. Even more when he discloses his secret of being a lawyer by profession and a poet by heart.  And yet again, he is on the cutting edge of innovation and making people’s lives more fulfilled. More than a year later, as I write, this is how I remember the event. The clear image in my head is this person’s charisma and intensity. But why this blog? What is Jaw Ness up to now?
Well, besides our clear idea to “brag” about a very cool idea that came to our little TEDxSalon event, we`d like to congratulate and learn from this guy. A little bit more about his passionate endeavor to create a revolutionary co-working space in Barcelona, the Meraki Co-working Space, together with one of our exciting expert guests on that very same event, Mrs. Elena Antonovska Edizes.


This is why we managed to squeeze a couple of questions with both of them.

Jaw Ness’s Reflection:

How did you come by visiting TEDxSeptemvriskaSesijaSalon? What was the catch and how did you end up in Skopje at that particular time?
I was coming here for a business meeting and happen to check what events are occurring in Skopje. When I came across the TEDx and the topic, Happiness. I wanted to be counted in and was striving to be invited because the topic completed me.

Your impressions of the event and Skopje, Macedonia?
The event allowed a witnessing of an energy that felt very special in the sense of a common interest among the diverse people, in particular in me despite it allying “foreign” to me since I was a visitor.  It appeared to me that the commonality in the interest towards the subject of happiness was evident by a sense of feeling which I referred to as “special”.  So good job for selecting the right crowd for the right topic.

The start of this new journey – Meraki Coworking and the idea behind it?
Of course no matter what the concept, if the people delivering the concept are not doing so the Meraki way, the concept is unimportant, no matter how important it is.
And having Elena joining the team has been a great blessing. My comments on that will be kept limited to referencing a dimension I call Quantum Angel.
To elaborate on the concept: the coworking industry is a growing industry and one that has, in recent years, transformed itself to some degrees, perhaps even evolved itself in the delivery and hosting of appropriate spaces for coworking.  But with the introduction of Meraki Coworking concept, our Meraki Tribe has managed to rocket their collaboration into a field where the industry will have no choice but to pirate their way to catch up with the Meraki vibe at our coworking place. The trinity in perfection that the universe uses as a pillar to bring about infinite forms, we have applied to the industry:  a captivating view, an interior environment and hosting practices. Adopting this trinity of industry perfection model, we`ll set us apart.

What’s next for you and the endeavor; your vision?
To use Meraki Coworking as place to promote myself living the Meraki way, all the way, poco poco ?

Elena Antonovska Edizes
You served as an expert guest on the event – What is your perspective on the event and how it went?
It was a great subject and excellent discussion. However, not so on a philosophical level. Maybe more practical, “life living” approach. I deeply feel that we need more of that kind of “touchy & real” subjects. Subjects that can make difference and move people into change.

How did your cooperation come to be? How did you guys decide to work together with Jaw Ness?
Actually, we met there, at your TED event 🙂 We exchanged a few words, and at one moment I found myself in Barcelona for an Eye Gazing Meditation, Yaw Ness was hosting. My trip was without any forecast or plan for any future collaboration. But, Universe works in unexpected ways. So, we stayed in touch. Jaw was persistent in his effort to envision me into the Meraki project as one of the projects we have now. So here we are now. I can say, so far, so good 🙂

What are you doing for the Meraki co-working space right now and when are you planning on going to Spain?
I am already in Spain. The first idea for me was to be Staff Supervisor & Coach, however, this idea quickly has transformed into a Project Director for Meraki Coworking.At the moment I am fulfilling both job descriptions. How things will unfold we shall see. It will be interesting, dynamic and very busy, I am sure.

Your vision for the working space from your work perspective
Meraki has a lot in common with my practice. It is a co-working space, but at the same time, Meraki will offer a holistic, healthy & creative approach to our clients. Carefree and yet inspirational and appealing in order to create more productive work environment. And this is what makes us unique. Combination of the igniting spirit and dedicated work is the future of the successful businesses. Very familiar for me. Having said that, you can tap into my vision of Meraki. To fill the world with inspiration, creativity and success, Meraki way.

And now, for the both of them:
What would you like to see as a subject for a TEDxSalon event in Skopje again and when should we expect you?

Elena`s suggested topics: The topic I suggest is the topic that is universal and your platform in Skopje would be a wonderful place to see such an event. Hmm, when you should expect us – well as soon as we get settled with Meraki I suppose.
And what would be the subject… “Spirituality in business – Kindness in practice” maybe.
Jaw’s-  Suggested topics:
1. What is a holistic approach to designing a socially responsible and sustainable small to mid-size organization
2. Effect of Sufi Poetry of Rumi to the objectives of meditations and ultra ego experience as an opportunity encapsulated in a given moment.
We thank both Jaw and Elena for taking the time to share their story and work in progress with us. As always, we’d love to hear and redirect any questions from our community towards Jaw and Elena. And last but not least, this is just a small example of what a TEDx event can achieve – sparking inspiration, conversation and as in this case, an entire business concept and implementation.
You can find their personal LinkedIn profiles here:
And here’s a link to the Meraki Co-working space if you are ever in Barcelona or just generally curious.