Education: Flipped classroom

октомври 25, 2017 19:00

Факултет за информатички науки и компјутерско инженерство.

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New employment opportunities and pressing market requirements in terms of skills and ability to perform show a discrepancy between what is needed and what the educational system offers as an end result. The educational system is perceived as somewhat of a “sleeping giant”, a huge and fragile system which is hard in providing fast adaptation and thus not aligned with the private sector and its pace.

This sleeping giant has been discussed many times through the prism of core educational values and classroom organization, especially talks in terms of how the organizational structure of the classroom draws deep roots from the booming industrial era.

However, we deeply believe that it is even more important to discuss the possibilities the new technology offers towards an efficient and impactful improvement of education. Does the educational system require an improvement in the way the classroom looks and in the way the teaching is performed? Do we need innovation in the current way of working or what we have is the optimum we can provide to our students?

These and other questions will be the subject of discussion on the upcoming TEDxSeptemvriskaSesijaSalon event series named “Education: Flipped Classroom”.

The event will take place on the 25th of October, 2017 (25.10.2017) starting at 19:00 – at the FINKI Faculty, Social Innovation Hub Skopje, Barrack 1, Skopje.

The event is an independently organized TEDx event.
As a short explanation, flipped teaching is the process of moving lecture content from face-to-face class time to before class by assigning it as homework. This allows for more interactive forms of learning to take place during class. Flipped teaching often involves students watching lecture videos as homework

More details on the guests, partner organizations and the agenda of the event will be adequately and timely posted as we get closer to the event date.

*Attention*: After the completion of the official part of the event, there will be an informal and unofficial segment in which the attendees will have the opportunity to try out some educational tools, software and games from Macedonia and abroad. Participating in the unofficial segment is not obligatory.

How to apply?
In order to secure you attendee slot on the event, all interested must fill out the following application form:

The selection of the 30 participants will be based on the quality of their application as well as how relevant their background and working organization is to the topic at hand.

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